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Everyone poops (From my other blog!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013
It's true.  Everyone poops!  Just to clear it up someone wrote a book so that we learn this from an early age...
However...they also wrote this!
anyway, it's true.

Everyone poops and there is even a poop chart designed to let you know how your insides are doing.
You can gauge your health and diet based on how long things spend in your colon!

What's your type?  There is some confusion as to what's "normal" but a few things are certain; 
Type 7 is really BAD! 
Type 1 means you eat shit and garbage!

P.S. I also learned it shouldn't smell.  So I'll need a better expletive than "it smells like shit in here!"

Have a great day!

1 comments to Everyone poops (From my other blog!):

Dave S said...

Mmm intersting. I am glad you added a chart. I know I am healthy lol

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