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Playing hooky.

Friday, February 15, 2013

I don’t know about you but I think we can ALL use a day off.  A day off from work, school, life, etc.  I let Bella take the day off of school.  It’s a pretty mutually beneficial gift if I can admit that.  We both get to sleep in a little bit, she doesn’t have to go to mass for the second time this week (bonus mom points for me!) and because it’s a short day I don’t have to fill in a mere three hours before I have to go back to school to pick her up.

However…. here is my question.

This is bad right??  I need to teach my kid that we all have responsibilities and that hers is going to school, church day or not.  Right??!!

In my eyes it’s first grade, and Montessori at that, so I guess the theory is that it’s not a big deal. But is it?

What do you think?  Super mom or setting my kid up?