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What's the haps?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Hey all,

Where the hell have I been? I guess too busy to write. 

I still have my silly little grocery job, they put me in charge of the money. Ugh

Izabella is still at her public school in second grade and she loves it AND......so do I.  We have the best, most amazing teacher. 

My house is slightly better than messy.  My life is slightly better than chaotic. 


I bought a Kuerig. 
We went to Disneyland.
I'm watching Dexter on Netflix.
My dog has alopecia.
I'm reading Doctor Sleep.

Yep.  That about sums it up. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm in shade 3.5.  I have worn it twice and hated it twice.  Then I realized it needed to be shaken. I hope I don't hate it again.  The thing I havent been liking is that it looks and feels oily, so I hope that some oil fighters were sittng at the bottom. If I hate it again, its too late to return it. So that's $40.00 never to be seen again.

I’m a survivor…

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Of working for a week. 


That might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. 

It’s actually quite fun, and so far, so good. 


I’m going to be working late tonight which should be interesting, considering I haven’t been awake past 10pm in years.


It’s been working well with Bella and the schedule lets hope we can keep it up.  This week was a little bit easy because it’s spring break, but next week is back to school and soon is SUMMER VACATION!! (The big one!)


Oh well, day by day.




Big Changes

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There have been a lot of changes going on around here.  First, Bella is at a new school and second I got a JOB!  Weird.

It’s kind of hard to take it seriously because it was just sort of given to me. As in, “you should work here!” OK. DONE.

I hope it works out though because I must admit that having something to do unrelated to family for a few hours a week sounds pretty amazing.

Hubby can have the mornings.

I start today at 10am so I’ll let you know how it goes.

*wish me luck

Closet Redo

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Shifted some stuff around.  Moved the closet organizers around.  Do I love it?  I don’t know yet. I like that I don’t have to reach for my shoes.

Yes. Everything is color coordinated.  I did decide to hang up my jeans.  Move some bags, etc. 
And my husband almost has more shoes than I do.  Too bad I kicked them all out of the closet except for the ones he NEVER wears.

Everyone poops (From my other blog!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013
It's true.  Everyone poops!  Just to clear it up someone wrote a book so that we learn this from an early age...
However...they also wrote this!
anyway, it's true.

Everyone poops and there is even a poop chart designed to let you know how your insides are doing.
You can gauge your health and diet based on how long things spend in your colon!

What's your type?  There is some confusion as to what's "normal" but a few things are certain; 
Type 7 is really BAD! 
Type 1 means you eat shit and garbage!

P.S. I also learned it shouldn't smell.  So I'll need a better expletive than "it smells like shit in here!"

Have a great day!


We’ve been at the new school for three weeks now.   My kid LOVES it.  In my opinion that’s the bad part.  It’s not that I dislike it, for what she likes I honestly do to.  There are a lot of things that this school had resources for that our old school just didn’t. 

So she is really entertained by all of the going-ons. 

Plus she gets to dress like this…


I wish I could get a better grasp of the academics, with her having two teachers that are retiring at the end of this year , its fair to say that NOBODY is going above and beyond. 

So we are continuing to play it by ear and to give it until the end of the school year. 


What’s been going on in your life this week?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In an odd turn of events, one might actually call it a dare, I have a job interview.  Not a serious make tons of money, corporate job, but a job at Fresh and Easy. (The grocery store)


A place where I know everyone who works there, a place where the hours are easy.  I’m interviewing today, actually in two hours.  WEIRD.


I find myself slightly excited, not nervous.  For a long time I’ve been saying that I need something to do.  Something besides shopping and day drinking with friends.  This could be it, and to think, it all stemmed from a joke.


Saturday, March 23, 2013
Can I just tell you all how many times I have Googled/Bing-ed/ask Jeeves-ed , etc.
"How to be the perfect housewife?" 

I even bought a book about it.  I keep hoping for some miraculous answer, maybe I need a life coach.  Not that I want to be perfect, but I want someone to tell me what to do.  I need a mom/wife. 

If I were me, I'd tell myself what to do. (That made no sense.)

I have a "Home management binder" That I never, ever, ever look at.   I read homemaking blogs, that mostly appeal to homeschooling, Christians that garden (Not to stereotype!)
I still read them all, waiting (im)patiently for my answers.

Maybe I ought to give up looking and write my own answers.  Maybe someone needs to invent an Internet life coach.  Does FlyLady count towards that?  Who knows?!

Oh well, I'm off to watch more 7th Heaven.

(p.s. I'm sick...I have a cold and this post was written under the influence of medicine I had to buy from "behind the counter!"

Just sayin'

In a carpool?!?!

Thursday, March 21, 2013
As a good friend of mine would say...being in a carpool is so "domestic"


But it's also pretty amazing
(says the "domesticated mama" sitting here typing in her sweatpants and a robe!)

Nowhere to be, nothing to do, where's the bon-bons??

We survived!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

After our first week at the new school we are still alive. 

Even “Good” as Izabella tells me that her days have been. 

Vague. yes, but she didn’t come home in tears.  So I consider that a win.


P.S. I belong to a carpool.  AMAZING!!  Mind you I only didn’t drop off one morning and didn’t pick up one afternoon, but it was still AMAZING!!

So far, so good. 

Shopping with a 7 year old.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

So if you read above you would know that my beautiful baby girl is about to go to public school for the very first time.

With that comes the social pressures of dressing “cool”. What that actually translates to is “Mom! Can we go to Justice, they have the best school clothes!”

So now my kid will look like this….


but more 7 year old.  See the girls behind her? Sneering with jealousy over her neon colored flower wear?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Now..If only we could get her to stop peeing her pants!!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Once again I find myself in the situation of leaving my beloved private school. 

Time to try….PUBLIC.

Right now I am trying my hardest to keep an open mind.  Trying to ignore my unreasonable thoughts that all the 2nd graders smoke crack and that the 4th grade girls all have a pregnancy pact.

My kid doesn’t get it.

I guess neither do I.

It’s a good school (relatively) and people tell me we will be happy.

Fingers crossed that’s what actually happens.

Playing hooky.

Friday, February 15, 2013

I don’t know about you but I think we can ALL use a day off.  A day off from work, school, life, etc.  I let Bella take the day off of school.  It’s a pretty mutually beneficial gift if I can admit that.  We both get to sleep in a little bit, she doesn’t have to go to mass for the second time this week (bonus mom points for me!) and because it’s a short day I don’t have to fill in a mere three hours before I have to go back to school to pick her up.

However…. here is my question.

This is bad right??  I need to teach my kid that we all have responsibilities and that hers is going to school, church day or not.  Right??!!

In my eyes it’s first grade, and Montessori at that, so I guess the theory is that it’s not a big deal. But is it?

What do you think?  Super mom or setting my kid up?