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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Can't believe it! The time has flown by and yet also taken FOREVER!

We met her teacher yesterday and we were both pleasantly surprised. We also signed up at the Boys and Girls Club so that in a pinch she is able to stay at the facility past her regular "school" hours.

The only thing I need now is for the online school to officially open so I can see exactly what we'll be doing and to get on with it.

On the upside, my house is now spotless and everything is probably over-organized in preparation. So no matter how overwhelming this may end up being I will not be overwhelmed with other "stuff".


It's all just a theory right now, so please, keep me in your thoughts tomorrow and if you don't hear from me just assume that I am balled up in a corner, rocking myself and babbling incoherently!

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