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Organized gone crazy?

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Now that everyone has seen into my home. You've seen it in messy and clean.

All that aside, I love organizing!! 
I love organizing products, blogs, websites, stores, books, etc. I can't get enough inspiration!

I love looking at pretty!

As a designer (in my prior life!) I get "staging", I understand that what makes a nice picture isn't really what makes reality. But I have to be honest some staged things make me NUTS!

Like pouring powder laundry detergent in glass jars! 
(I can't verify image sources, so you'll just have to google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.)



I mean sure, you can probably do it once, maybe even three times if you are feeling extra inspired, but what a waste of otherwise valuable time!

Some packaging is ugly, not the right color (unless you use method!!!), not pretty enough, etc.,but COME ON!

If you really want to waste some time, check out what people do that wastes even more!
Search "any room" + glass jars = Waste of time

OK, done ranting now!

Have a lovely weekend!

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