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OK. I'll stop being lazy...

Monday, August 6, 2012

...and move the Monday post over here. FYI nothing has happened in either room today. LAZY Monday on my part too I guess! FAIL!

It's Monday

And since we have no more info for schooling I figured I'd discuss my daily/weekly plans.
Starting with Monday.

Ahhhh Monday's.

Usually I do very little of anything on the weekends as far as cleaning and organizing are concerned and I'm pretty sure I live with two people that are incapable of putting anything away.

So no matter what...every time...the rooms end up looking like a mess.

I have a relatively new plan of cleaning two rooms a day, well see how it goes.

For each day I also have a checklist.

See? Told you I was OCD.

Which is unbelievable considering the messies that I live with that make me start fresh every week with messes like this.

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