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All the kids that are homeschooled are geniuses?!?!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Every homeschooling mom out there has a junior MENSA member and the system is letting them down by not promoting them at least 2 grade levels.

And I discovered this the hard way. Well not that my kid isn't MENSA material (she really is! Just like everyone else!) but that teachers are bombarded ALL THE TIME about genius students and the homeschooling parents that have created these little monsters.

(I am with an affiliated California school vs traditional homeschooling, so we have credentialed teachers)

I met with my soon to be teacher (maybe) / friend and checked out the first grade curriculum for my own peace of mind. Turns out it's pretty good. Except.....my kid can do ALL of the language arts and ALL of the math. So before we are even out of the gate I'm asking for favors because my kid is in fact a genius. Wonderful!!

Then I was told the stories about countless other parents who swear up and down that their children can do something and come testing time it actually turns out that they cant. FAIL. However I think we reached a potential middle ground of testing her on the first semester of first grade math and if she passes then shell start the year out at second semester of first grade math. DEAL.

I toally am THAT mom! Oops!

That's called compromise.

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