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A DIY even though I almost never DIY.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
I read a lot of blogs, and read a lot of books about organizing.
A theme you hear over and over and over again is the "Home Base" where all of your important "stuff" goes.

...In Theory.

Well my home base is an upper cabinet salvaged from a clients house.  I put some patterned paper on it and tada.  Then loaded it up with otherwise important crap.  Ha!

Well today I decided it was ugly.

so I used crafty stuff like this...
and some stuff that sounds crafty that belongs to my husband. This may or may not be for home/craft use, it could in fact be for roof repair or something like that. So if you know this product to be flammable or dangerous please let me know.

I turned it into this...It's better and redder!
I'm almost happy now, but I need some super cute command hooks and maybe I'll paint it black.

But the teeny tiny cow that is holding my stamps is the cutest!
I also really like how my kid is literally in every picture I take.  It's the new blog game. Find Bella!

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