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reality sets in

Monday, July 2, 2012
Today I went and withdrew from our beloved private school.
Talk about hard.  Tears everywhere.
I didn't realize how much of my ego relied on being a "private school mom" it's a big part of my identity.
So this is my slap with reality. I am not a private school mom anymore.  There I said it.
It's even weird to type it. 
They did assure me that I can always come back and there will always be a space for my kid. 
I have to do what I have to do and my family is priority #1 but WOW. 
I called one of my besties to tell her and the response was on par what I'm expecting to hear about 5 million more times.
Homeschooling is weird.
In some ways I agree.  In other ways I don't see any other option so.....
Here I come!!

T-Minus 44 days

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