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How did this happen?

Sunday, July 1, 2012
How DID this happen?
Oh wait!  I remember now.  IMPULSE. 
I'm not sure that being impulsive is the best place to start my homeschool career.  (Career?!?WTF?)
However, that's how I got to this point. 

I'm going to miss our private school of the past four years so much, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 

There are upsides to this.
1. Ability to have my family together more often
2.  Save hundrads and hundreds of dolaars a month.

There are downsides too but currently they are just hypothetical.
1. No afternoon drinking.
2. 24/7 with my kid.
3. No Princeton because I've failed her in her education.

After doing a few minutes (don't judge) of internet research I decided to try California Virtual Academy.  According to wikipedia it's NOT a homeschool.  It's a virtual public school. 
Does that sound better? 

I'm not a homeschool mom I'm the learning coach of my daughter at a virtual public school? 
Doubt it.

It helps that I have a friend that is and hopefully will be our teacher. 

So while it seems like I put almost no thought into this there were a ton of questions that she was able to answer, but right now it's all hypothetical.  It's not going to sink in until August 16th which is the official first day of virtual school. 

Until then baby steps of reality will take place.
1. Tomorrow i'm going to see the principal at our beloved private school to let her know that we won't be returning in September. 
2. Two weeks from now at the private schools giant summer fundraiser, when I'll see all of my friends and tell them we won't be returning so I can in fact homeschool (semantics) my kid. 
3. When multiple boxes full of first grade get delivered and the moment of realization sets in. 

I'm a big planner and the fact that I can't plan how this is going to go is stressing me out more than anything else. 

T-Minus 45 days until we begin.

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