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Where did the day go Wednesday?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Started at 6:15, when I was able to enjoy at least 3 cups of coffee with no real interruptions. It’s so nice on the days when the family sleeps in.
Oh wait, I had one interruption of the hubs phone ringing at 6:45, I ran into the bedroom to grab it but he was already yelling at the telemarketer for not having checked the time zone. Oops
Izabella woke up at 8:00ish and proceeded to tell me that she would, in fact, be having popsicles for breakfast. NO GO.  She had pizza instead!
Some other stuff happened here, but I can’t/won’t remember, so It doesn't matter.
Then we met my step dad
at the harbor
for fish and chips
and beer! ( No photo!)
Then he informed us, he brought presents!  Everyone loves presents!
Except presents from him!
Just what we needed!  PILLOWS! From his house that he no longer needs!
The best part???
My family walking around the harbor carrying aforementioned pillows!

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