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Tell The Truth Tuesday – Liar Edition

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For tell the truth Tuesday I decided to talk about the other side of honesty. Lying.

Do you know any liars? People that are constantly telling you the opposite of truth.  People that have lied to you for so long that when they tell you ANYTHING you don’t believe them.  Even when you want to? Even when you should?

I recently realized that people don’t forget, ever!  The same people that got lied to, keep not believing them, no matter what they say to their face.

Lying gets you nowhere. Lying complicates your life and destroys relationships.

The lies they keep hidden from one group, comes out in another, and soon everyone knows it’s all a lie.

Not a great way to live life.

Better to be honest and have people know where you stand and who you are than have them find out the hard way.

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