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Dear Blog God – Part Deux

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Forgot how much fun that was. Let’s resume shall we?
Now, where were we?
Oh yes!  We have moved on to Obadiah!
Obadiah 1:
Uhh, Short. God is still angry.  You didn’t miss anything.
Moving on…ooh Jonah (I remember something about a whale!)
Jonah 1:
God told Jonah to go thisaway, but he didn’t, he went thataway (never good!) He was running away from god, or sailing away from god, as he got on a boat. 
God found him and sent a storm. Jonah didn’t notice because he was asleep.
They needed to blame someone for the storm so the crew chose Jonah. Or at least the short straw did!
So they threw him overboard to end the storm.
He gets eaten by a big fish. He stayed there for 3 days and 3 nights
( How could he tell?, Did he pop out every so often? Ask the fish?)
Jonah 2:
Jonah prays.
Fish throws up Jonah.
Jonah 3:
God still wants Jonah to go thisaway. This time he goes.
Jonah gets to the town and doom and glooms everyone. So they starve themselves (and animals) and wear burlap (animals too) for god.
God is appeased.
Jonah 4:
Jonah is now pissed because god is too nice.  Wishes to be smited. Doesn’t get smited.
Oh now I don’t know about you but I thought there would be more to the whale thing. All I got was that Jonah was fish puke.

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