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Diary of a bOOb job – T-Minus 7 days

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Had my pre-op appointment today. What a crap-ton of information I received today. Drugs to take, drugs not to take, pills to insert where??!?!??!?!?  Apparently on Dr. 90210 and the like, they sure leave out just how glamorous this whole experience really is (oooozing sarcasm).
I think the best news I got was that recovery isn't as bad as I originally anticipated. I got the list of approved exercises and walking is on the list after 3 days, so yay, I take that to mean that after two days of feeling not so great there is a light at the end of the third.
I’m getting really excited, crazy nervous, but very excited. I can’t wait to see them!  How am I going to make it a whole week?

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