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Diary of a bOOb job – T-Minus 10 days

Saturday, May 28, 2011
In a little more than a week I will be having surgery. I thought that I would start a little pre-op/post-op diary for all of you. Why? As most of you have children you are all too aware of what these adorable little monsters can do to a body.
This may seem quick to some, but this is something I have always considered as a possibility when  I realized they were never coming.
After too much internet research and several, sometimes conflicting, consultations I have decided on a Dr (One of the best in the country) While he is not the cheapest I feel as if this is something that should not be shopped for by affordability.  His specialty is breasts, which is perfect, as that’s what I am getting worked on.  I think this was an important factor to consider, as he knew additional techniques that would give me better end results.  Things that the other Dr’s never mentioned.
Now, I did receive some questioning from friends and family as to whether or not the options he said were necessary really are, especially if none of the other docs had mentioned it.  I am going with my gut on this one, and am going to trust the “Master” surgeon. 
This is not something to be taken lightly or rushed into, and I felt as if i was going crazy for a few days. It seemed like every hour that went by I had a new emotion regarding this procedure, do it, don't do it, save the money, spend the money, To boob or not to boob, that was/is the question.  Fortunately the staff at his office let me know that if I didn't have these feelings, that he wouldn't even operate on me. This IS NOT something to be taken lightly.
So here I am 10 days away and I am feeling like I have made the correct choices. Implant style (silicone), size (C), incision type (crescent/peri-areolar), and most importantly my Doctor.
My pre-op appointment is on Tuesday morning so I likely won’t have any updates until then.
p.s. I won’t be posting photos, there are way to many pervy people out there, so well be keeping this PG.

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