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Menu Monday. What's for dinner?

Monday, March 21, 2011
OK, here it is! Mostly. Must complete step 2, going to the store, to see this one to fruition!

Monday - Something with Chicken (vague, but it will be good)
Tuesday - Something with pasta (also vague, still sounds good)
Wednesday - Something from a crock-pot (Who knows?)
Thurdsay - Something vegetarian
Friday - ??
Saturday - Pizza? Chinese? Most likely delivery!

Wow! Impressive or what.  Look at me starting the week off all amazing like!

and...here comes the ADD
I love my vegetarian cookbook.

It's not fussy at all, and the ingredients aren't weird, or hard to come by, or difficult.
You should get one! Or just read my blog and steal the recipes from me!  Is that illegal?

That's all.

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