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It's a party! A basket party!

Friday, March 4, 2011
OK, so yes, Scentsy is a party planning company! 
Much like other sales parties you have been to, where there is a sales person there, telling you about all about their products and why you NEED them!

Or is it???

Scentsy offers something very special called a basket party.

What happens is this....

You want FREE stuff, right? (of course you do, who doesn't!)

Step one - Tell me you want FREE stuff!

Step two - I will hand deliver, or ship directly to you, a party in a box. This includes samples and testers!

Step three - You show these amazing products to your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, EVERYONE!

Step four - They fill out an order form, or order directly on the website for your party!

Step five - After two weeks, or so, you return the items and order forms. (Shipping on me!)

Step six - You choose your half priced items (up to 5), and free items (up to 15% of your party total)

Step seven - You receive all of your ordered items, including you FREE goodies! 

Step eight - There is not another step! It's that easy!

Interested??? Of course you are! 

So go ahead and get started with step one!

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