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What!? Another new book already!!

Monday, September 27, 2010
Chapters: Joel 2, 3, Amos 1, 2, 3

Joel 2
Doomsday is on the way!  Wahoo! Umm, this chapter just said that doomsday will be terrible but if you ask god maybe he will make it better??  Pssh, more warm fuzzies!?  Also this "I am the one and only real god, never again will my people be despised" As an agnostic I think what about the other religions in the world. If this were so obvious, wouldn't there be no questions? 

Joel 3
Some weird prophecies about Jerusalem.

Amos 1
Oh crap, more Israel is the devil. 

Amos 2
Etc, etc, etc

Amos 3
Does a bird fall to the ground if it hasn't been hit with a stone?
Well, Does it? I have no idea, but I'm going to go with yes, often!

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