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Is Israel a metaphor??

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Chapters: Hosea 7, 8, 9

Hosea 7
God is mad, mostly because he loves Israel, but they don't pray to him, the only time they call out to him is when they are in bed, probably with whores! OH GOD, OH GOD (You get it!)

Hosea 8
Is Israel a metaphor??  Because GOD is P.I.S.T! If it is this would make a lot more sense. Who doesn't like Jews?

Hosea 9
Seriously, I think that this whole book is jut how angry god is that people don't care. Which would sort of make sense. Soft of. Why does god care?  I get the reasoning why one would want god to care, because then all of this would be for nothing. But honestly, if I created the entire EVERYTHING,I'm not that concerned, why would god even be bothered with the stupid human emotion of anger in the first place???

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