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Day One

Monday, September 20, 2010
Chapters to read: Daniel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

I was able to underline (a big deal!) one verse. Well half of a verse. 9:9 - "Compassion is our only hope".  Is that bad?

A summary:
Chapter 5
There is a king named Belshazzar, he's having a party.  He wants to drink out of some fancy (stolen!)glasses that his dad had.  Then a disembodied hand shows up and starts writing on the wall!  They call Daniel to tell the kind what the hand wrote. Daniel interprets dreams and solves mysteries (Good work if you can get it!).
The body less hand wrote this:
Which mean basically that this King is about to get the bot, because God doesn't like him anymore.
He was murdered about 3 words later.
Here is my concern!  Why aren't people more concerned with the had just floating around. If that's me I'm pretty freaked out.
moving on...
p.s. Husband thinks that Daniel was involved in the conspiracy to kill the king because he gained the most.
Chapter 6
Daniel in the lion's den.
I'm pretty sure that the saying originated from this.
So here's what happens Daniel prays, gets thrown in the lions den, but the lions can't open their mouths so he gets out and the people responsible for sending him there get fed to the lions instead.
I don't know what he did to piss everyone off but they don't like him so they changed the law that praying would now be illegal. Daniel prays 3 times a day. If they made something I do 3 times a day illegal, I 'd still do it to, I'm just saying.
Chapter 7
Daniel has a dream, then someone interprets it for him that it's a premonition of the end of the world. A question!  Isn't Daniel the dream interpreter, shouldn't he know what his dreams mean?
Chapter 8
More dreams! More non-interpretation by the dream interpreter.
Chapter 9
End of the world!  Compassion will save us, but we don't have any. Also we ignore prophets!  Does that mean that possibly we should be paying attention to the raving psychotics at the bus stop?  Could they be god's chosen people?  Guess we'll never know because this is all done in 70 sevens.

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