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Detox Day 9

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Sorry everyone!  I totally meant to post everyday but i'm a working girl now so sometimes it's hard to find 20 minutes to sit down and focus (I know everyone understands!)

So today is day 9, I'm down 10 pounds, and the hubby is down 22.  (Men suck!)

I'm not hungry, I feel great still. I do miss the act of chewing more than anything.  I would probably kill somone for a handful of cherry tomatoes.

On the plus side I haven't had a migraine in days, I am really hoping that this will be the cure all for them.

I'll write more this weekend, I promise. 

Tomorrow is shadow day at Bella's school so i'll be there all day, and it's my first day off of work all week. There is so much to do around this house its enough to make you crazy. While I love my job and love being there it's going to take some time getting everyone to pitch in around here to get things done, I know that last thing I want to do after a long day is vacuum or mop.

Anyone have any suggestions on he balancing act that is being a part time working mom?