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Detox - Day One

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
While not fully satified I'm not really hungry either. I suppose that it didnt help that I threw up my first two beverages, a cup of tea and a glass of water.  Apparently the herbal cleansing pill/vitamin wasn't really designed to go in an empty stomach.  Which is sort of backwards, since it is for detoxing.  On a positive note the soup and broth saved my life. I don't know if they really tasted that great, but after not eating all day it sure satisfied.  I will weigh myself in the morning and hopefully I will have somethin exciting to report. God forbid I starve myself for nothing. 

The green drink tastes not so great, I am sort of dissapointed since I got the chocolate kind to make it go down easier, it was very grainy no matter how well I mixed it. Perhaps a blender would do it some good.

Day one down, 20 more to go!

p.s. The hubby made it too! 

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