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Detox - Day 5

Sunday, January 31, 2010
OK. I have so much to do today,but I forgot to share yesterday so here I am! 

Today I feel great.  I'm not hungry, I have a new found appreciation for the food I am not eating however. 

I can see how this woul change your minset about food, the thought of putting something back in me that is processed or shelf stable makes me want to gag.

I am down 6 pounds. The hubby is down 18!!  That's mens bodies for you.

My skin is amazing, no clogged pores, no nothing.

I am feeling pretty confident that I can go another 16 days!

Detox - Day Two

Friday, January 29, 2010
Actually today is day 3, but yesterday I felt like crap!  I was exhausted and I had a killer migraine. I dont know if the headache was from not eating or just because I get a lot of migraines. Either way I woke up today and feel great.  Not hungry, not tired, just pretty great.  On the upside I have also lost 4 pounds!  My hubby who I am also forcing to detox has lost 8. 

I will also admit I cheated a little bit. Had a cup of coffee both yesterday and today.  It's organic and I drank it black so I am going to act like that is ok. Also had a bowl of brown rice. 

Yay! Only 18 more days!

Detox - Day One

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
While not fully satified I'm not really hungry either. I suppose that it didnt help that I threw up my first two beverages, a cup of tea and a glass of water.  Apparently the herbal cleansing pill/vitamin wasn't really designed to go in an empty stomach.  Which is sort of backwards, since it is for detoxing.  On a positive note the soup and broth saved my life. I don't know if they really tasted that great, but after not eating all day it sure satisfied.  I will weigh myself in the morning and hopefully I will have somethin exciting to report. God forbid I starve myself for nothing. 

The green drink tastes not so great, I am sort of dissapointed since I got the chocolate kind to make it go down easier, it was very grainy no matter how well I mixed it. Perhaps a blender would do it some good.

Day one down, 20 more to go!

p.s. The hubby made it too! 

Jenn is going on a detox diet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
That's right!  You read it here first.  I'm going to give the Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet a whirl.  Anyone want to get really bitchy and hungry with me??

21 Days!  No solid food.

What am I? Crazy! 

Here is the schedule.  Im sure the first few days wont be so bad as I barely eat anything now, but I am going to miss my coffee like a crazy person!  Maybe I can substitute coffee for tea? 

This is the schedule:

Herbal Cleanse (Tablet)
1 oz of liquid Berry or 1 oz of liquid Berry with 6oz of water
One cup [1] of hot/iced Herbal Tea—(add stevia optional)
1 8oz glass of water [2]

1 8oz glass of water

1 8oz glass of water mixed or blended with 1 scoop of Essential Greens

1 8oz glass of water and or hot/iced herbal tea

1 8oz glass of “live” fresh juiced vegetables
If you’re not juicing -mix or blend 8oz of water with 1 scoop of VegeSplash

1 8oz glass of water and or hot/iced herbal tea

1 8oz glass of water mixed or blended with 1 scoop of VegeSplash

1 8oz glass of water and or hot/iced herbal tea

1 8oz glass of water mixed or blended with 1 scoop of Essential Greens

1 cup of homemade [3] puree soup
One cup of broth from soup mix
1 8oz glass of water
1 cup hot herbal tea

1 8oz glass of water and/or hot herbal tea.
Herbal Cleanse

Wish me luck!  I'll write more tomorrow when I am starving to death.

A Review: Heidi Klum's In An Instant Skin Care Line

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In a word: Terrible!

I was actually given these products by a friend, that had recieved two sets.  Now mind you I don't have wrinkles, but I am almost 30 so maybe I have "aging" skin. 

First Product: The cleanser.
The only good thing about this cleanser was that it smelled clean.  No overwhelming perfume smell.
Overall it made my skin feel like it still had soap on it.

Second Product: The warming scrub.
It seriously feels like you are rubbing broken glass on our face. As if any longer than 5 seconds worth of light scrubbing and your face will bleed. Now I enjoy scrubs, a lot. I love the feeling of brand new baby soft skin after a great peel or an amazing exfoliation, but this was not it, this was TORTURE!

Third Product: Eye cream.
Yet another painful product. For a product designed to go so close to your eyes it irritated and burned them .



Who wants to go to Disneyland????

Sunday, January 3, 2010
Here it is.  The long waited for Give a day, get a Disney day program. 

Click Here! 


Happy New Years

Friday, January 1, 2010
Hello to all!
Hope everyone survived the holidays! 

Now... About New Years, I usually dont make resolutions, because you end up breaking them and you just end up feeling badly.  Going to exercise more, eat better, etc. 

This year is different. 

Here they are.
1. Going to blog a lot!  (Or at least more than I do!)
2. Going to exercise more! (More than I do now, which is never so it's perfect.)
3. Be a better wife and mother, by focusing a little more on myself.  Sometimes I resent the lack of "me" time I don't have so this year I am going to take a little time everyday for me. 

On an extremely positive note. I GOT THE JOB!!!! 

I am so nervous as I haven't been a real working mom before, but it's pretty much my dream job so I know we can make it work.  This will probably help a lot with #3.

I will be forced to wake up in the morning, actually get dressed in something other than yoga pants, flip flops and a sweater, and put some make up on.  It's going to be great. 

Anybody else make any resolutions?