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Another great find for our readers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The great folks over at 1bagatatime.com sent me over this new product. A jute bag!

So cute right?

It's the perfect shopping size and could be used for so much more than just groceries!
I took it out shopping and even got a few compliments.

They are having a special right now on them. If you order 10 regular bags they will throw in a jute bag for FREE! This offer is good through Christmas day.

A five pack is just $19.99! Its higher than the other bags but trust me its worth it. It's so fantastically great!

Just in case you needed more reasons here are 10 more!

1. Jute is a natural fiber
extracted from tropical plants related to hemp.

2. Jute absorbs more CO2 than trees,
so it is a natural defense against global warming.

3. One acre of Jute can absorb 6 tons of CO2
and release 4.5 tons of oxygen in one growing season.

4. It’s highly efficient and renewable,
ready for harvest in just 4-6 months.

5. It is non-toxic
and used to package grains, coffee, and other foods.

6. It naturally improves soil
when used in crop rotation.

7. Less fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides
are needed for jute than cotton.

8. It has been used since ancient times
for rope, twine, burlap, rugs, and textiles.

9. It’s called the golden fiber.
Its naturally attractive color does not need dyes.

10. It’s 100% biodegradable.

So go get some ladies! They would make great Christmas presents if I do say so myself, or even a great gift bag!

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