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October - Good for you, Good for the planet

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good for you - Good for the planet

That's our October theme!

We have quite a few giveaways, tons of coupon codes, and a whole lot of information to share with all of you.

What we want to accomplish this month is:

To get to know where everyone stands on the environmental topic.

To try offer great and easy alternatives to products and services we may already be using.

To help each other

I have been completely "green-washed" as I have spoken about previously, but I want to share some of the knowledge I have obtained. Not in a creepy "you are killing your family" way, but in an honest and open discussion. I know many people are on an extremely tight budget and really can't think of affordable "green" options.

I want to help!

I want to everyone to help!

I am going to start my mornings by sharing what I am going to call my "Easy Pleasy"-a small easy change that I feel everyone could make in their life, to help the planet, your home and maybe mankind.

If you can't do the "Easy Pleasy", let me know, I want to know what works for real people.

I personally feel that we all make a difference, even if we can't tell what that difference is. Our children watch our actions, we are teaching them by example the kind of people we expect them to be.

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