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Friday Participation Time - Subject: Beds

Friday, October 2, 2009
I know, I know. This is not about the children. But it effects them if they cuddle with you in bed!

So the question I wanted to ask is...does anyone have a Tempur-pedic mattress? Or a Nova Foam based one?

My husband and I are looking into a new bed and our Simmons Beauty Rest Ultra Pillow Top blah blah blah totally stinks!
It is only 2 years old, over $1800.00 and already leaving body impressions....and we are just normal sized people.
I mean it is completely dipped down in the middle and since it is a pillow top we can't flip it.
I am so over it. I want a refund, and a mattress without springs that can not have this result again.
I am comparing the Nova Foam vs Tempur-pedic since the tempur p. one we chose was $4500.00 without tax and delivery.
I don't like firm beds but they need to be supportive.
Costco has the Nova for $949 but I have heard that they can make you all hot and....that's gross.
I was just curious as to who had what and what people thought was a wise investment.

Comments are welcomed!

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