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Friday, October 2, 2009
Stressed to the max....? ME TOO!
It is 11:47 on Friday evening. 1 full day away from my daughters 1st birthday and 1st birthday party. I have 110 guests coming.
Here is my check list:

decorations - almost there
food- umm still in progress
drinks - moms supposed to get them
110 cupcakes - not made

activities for kids - it's at a park. there is a play ground with tons of stuff. and grass...all I got was bubbles
they can figure it out
house guests coming tomorrow - check
keg - check (thanks to FJ&Z)

Oh and did I mention the latest events taking place on top of the birthday madness...?

We got our daughter her 1st birthday present.

We like to add fuel to the fire. So on that note:
Meet Saemus
(pronounced Shaymus)
her first puppy for her first birthday.
I know, ridiculous. But she loves dogs. Besides now we will have a yard since on top of the bday madness, the new puppy....and just everyday craziness.....we are moving.
Countdown 14 days, lots to do and not much is packed up.

AWESOME? I know!
Thank God Seamus is an amazing dog. Super low key and he and Galilee (my daughter) just follow each other around. She shares her toys and food with him. Which we are in the process of teaching her not to do, but it is extremely adorable. He is an Australian shepherd mix with freckles, one brown eye and one bright blue eye. He's also a little big fluff ball. We got him from a local shelter and he had 6 siblings. I wanted all of them, I can't go into a shelter without wanting to adopt everything. UGH I need 100,000 acres and a ton of animal food.

Off to bed, hopefully I will get some sleep!
night night

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