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10 days off!

Monday, October 19, 2009
Wow! I am so sorry. I have been such a blogging slacker! I will catch up on the easy pleasy's later today, I promise. But I just feel a great need to play catch up with things going on around here.

A back story: I used to have an extremely part-time job (like 10 hours a month) that I just lost due to bad economic times.

So I lost my job which is actually a good thing, because I have been struggling with working and not having any time alone at home.

So I basically spent all of last week cleaning and just playing catch up on everything that I felt I couldn't get around to because I was working. Like BIG cleaning jobs, like washing curtains and things like that.

I forgot how easy it is to just be home. Doing the housewife thing.

How has everyone else been?

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