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Pasta With Pumpkin Sauce

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 lb Radiatore Pasta

1 1/2 Cups Broccoli Florets

8 oz Turkey Breakfast Sausage (Removed from Casing)

1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 1/4 Cups Half and Half

1 Cup Canned Pumpkin

2 tbsp Brown Sugar

1/4 tsp Salt


1. Cook Pasta as package directs, adding broccoli 3 minutes before pasta will be done.

2. Meanwhile, cook sausage on a large nonstick skillet on medium high heat, breaking up with spoon, until cooked through, about 6 minutes, drain fat.

3. Stir in pumpkin pie spice, cook one minute. Stir on half and half, pumpkin, sugar and salt. Heat mixture to boiling and cook 1 minute longer.

4. Drain pasta and broccoli. Return to pot. Add sauce and toss to mix.

5. EAT!

Giveaway winner!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009
Slacker. I am posting this a few days late. WINNER IS:

A Mom After God's Own Heart

Congrats Shirley!!

Just let me know what color bags you would like!!

10 days off!

Wow! I am so sorry. I have been such a blogging slacker! I will catch up on the easy pleasy's later today, I promise. But I just feel a great need to play catch up with things going on around here.

A back story: I used to have an extremely part-time job (like 10 hours a month) that I just lost due to bad economic times.

So I lost my job which is actually a good thing, because I have been struggling with working and not having any time alone at home.

So I basically spent all of last week cleaning and just playing catch up on everything that I felt I couldn't get around to because I was working. Like BIG cleaning jobs, like washing curtains and things like that.

I forgot how easy it is to just be home. Doing the housewife thing.

How has everyone else been?

Such a busy week

Friday, October 9, 2009
I will blog all about it tomorrow with photos and everything. Right now I am just going to watch Bolt with Bella and drink a glass (or four) of wine!

Easy Pleasy - October 9

Use both sides of the paper.
While you are at it, recycle above referenced paper afte usingboth sides!

Easy Pleasy - October 8 - LATE

Save power.
Have family time, turn off the computer.
Do not check E-Mail.

(Hence why I wasn't posting)

Getting it together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
I really used to have a plan. I have a home management binder and I know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, but lately I haven't even been opening it.

What does everyone else use to keep everything straight?

Easy Pleasy - October 7

Take your kids outside.

Let's keep our kids connected to nature. Go on a picnic, a bike ride, check out the stars, or watch the clouds go by.

We can also save energy by doing this as we have to turn off the TV!

Don't Forget.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
The Giveaway!

Tell all of your friends.

Easy Pleasy - October 6

Shop at a farmers' market. Get to know where your food comes from.

It's official

Monday, October 5, 2009
I am a yes mom!

You want me to join your committee?

Join the PTA?

Be the Room Parent?

I'm your girl!

I do this to myself, every year (by the way, this is only my second year)

They send out the list of available positions and I take one of each, yes please, thank you very much.

I think it's time for wine!


Easy Pleasy - October 5

Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

Do it? Tell me!

Free Laptop Notepad

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free I heart Bacteria T-Shirt

I heart Bacteria Shirt

Click Here

Easy Pleasy - October 4

Have "stuff" laying around, waiting to be thrown away?

Please check out the easy ways to make one man's trash another man's treasure.

I really love Craigslist.

The free postings are the easiest I have found to navigate, and you can always take an extra step and check out the wanted ad's. (I have been able to really help people by providing them with items that I was never going to use again.)

You can also subscribe to your local Freecycle.

This tip can really help people as well as well as the planet. With so many people in need these days something you were just going to toss away can really make a difference in another person's life.

Tell me, what do you have just laying around?

A question?

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Why didn't anyone tell me parenting was going to be like this?
I know!
No one would do it!
It's been one of those nights!
Sorry for the rant!

Go win some stuff girls!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Free Subscription - Parenting Early Years (Digital)

Click Here

So much fun!

Bella's school every October has a raffle. (By the way, it's today!)

It's called the Horse Drop raffle.
Get it? Horse drop!

There are 1000 tickets for sale and the the horse spends the day in a 500 square foot pen. The pen has flags to make a grid, and the grid squares are numbered on a map. When the horse "drops" the grid square is identified and whoever has the wining square wins $1,000.00.

I sure hope I get pooped on!!

Will it ever be quiet again???

I have gotten no "quiet time" in days!

Now don't get me wrong, I love being around my daughter a lot, and can even tolerate sitting down with her and watching the same movie three times in a row.

Which last night happened to be this one.

I have had so much going on this week that I am almost tempted to set my alarm for 5:00 am just so that I can catch up on TIVO.
Usually the 6:00 wake up gets my morning blog fix done and at least a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately this morning, Bella woke up with me at 6:30 and is now yelling at me from the couch. (Something about the strong need for chocolate milk. and a louder need to watch the "Potty Trained" movie!)

Tell me when do you find quiet, alone time?

Easy Pleasy - October 3


That's the first R. (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle)

I think this is the easiest one of all for most people.

When you avoid making garbage in the first place, you don't have to worry about disposing of waste or recycling it later.

Changing your habits is the key — think about ways you can reduce your waste when you shop, work and play.

There's a ton of ways for you to reduce waste, save yourself some time and money, and be good to the Earth at the same time.

Tell me what you have reduced today!!


Friday, October 2, 2009
Stressed to the max....? ME TOO!
It is 11:47 on Friday evening. 1 full day away from my daughters 1st birthday and 1st birthday party. I have 110 guests coming.
Here is my check list:

decorations - almost there
food- umm still in progress
drinks - moms supposed to get them
110 cupcakes - not made

activities for kids - it's at a park. there is a play ground with tons of stuff. and grass...all I got was bubbles
they can figure it out
house guests coming tomorrow - check
keg - check (thanks to FJ&Z)

Oh and did I mention the latest events taking place on top of the birthday madness...?

We got our daughter her 1st birthday present.

We like to add fuel to the fire. So on that note:
Meet Saemus
(pronounced Shaymus)
her first puppy for her first birthday.
I know, ridiculous. But she loves dogs. Besides now we will have a yard since on top of the bday madness, the new puppy....and just everyday craziness.....we are moving.
Countdown 14 days, lots to do and not much is packed up.

AWESOME? I know!
Thank God Seamus is an amazing dog. Super low key and he and Galilee (my daughter) just follow each other around. She shares her toys and food with him. Which we are in the process of teaching her not to do, but it is extremely adorable. He is an Australian shepherd mix with freckles, one brown eye and one bright blue eye. He's also a little big fluff ball. We got him from a local shelter and he had 6 siblings. I wanted all of them, I can't go into a shelter without wanting to adopt everything. UGH I need 100,000 acres and a ton of animal food.

Off to bed, hopefully I will get some sleep!
night night

Friday Participation Time - Subject: Beds

I know, I know. This is not about the children. But it effects them if they cuddle with you in bed!

So the question I wanted to ask is...does anyone have a Tempur-pedic mattress? Or a Nova Foam based one?

My husband and I are looking into a new bed and our Simmons Beauty Rest Ultra Pillow Top blah blah blah totally stinks!
It is only 2 years old, over $1800.00 and already leaving body impressions....and we are just normal sized people.
I mean it is completely dipped down in the middle and since it is a pillow top we can't flip it.
I am so over it. I want a refund, and a mattress without springs that can not have this result again.
I am comparing the Nova Foam vs Tempur-pedic since the tempur p. one we chose was $4500.00 without tax and delivery.
I don't like firm beds but they need to be supportive.
Costco has the Nova for $949 but I have heard that they can make you all hot and....that's gross.
I was just curious as to who had what and what people thought was a wise investment.

Comments are welcomed!

Easy Pleasy Giveaway

Were you going to tell me that you can't use re-usable grocery bags because you don't have any?
Well now you have no excuse.

The super nice folks over at 1 bag at a time are particiating in a giveaway.

Two re-usable grocery bags in the color of your choice.

You know the rules.
  • Participate!!!

  • Grab our button

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And because the theme of the month is Good for you-Good for the planet, I'll throw in some extra entries for you if you do my easy-pleasy's!

Giveaway ends October 16th!

Good Luck!

Easy Pleasy - October 2


Remember the second R in the 3 R's (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle)?
(Don't worry I will get to the others later!)

Re-using things is as simple as refilling a water bottle.

Or using re-usable grocery bags.

Almost anything can be used again, let me know what you are re-using today!

It's Fall

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Here on Moms Tips too! Do you like it? I don't know how I feel about it, I kind of miss my darling bluebird! Let me now what you think?

Easy Pleasy - October 1


Easy right!?

Today, try to think about the water that is just running down the sink or the driveway.

Please tell me if you did this, can't do this or won't do this.

How many gallons did you save or waste?

Baby Kaed Winner

The winner is..........


We will give you until Sunday evening to reply to us with the color of bag that you want.

If you don't respond we will pick a new winner.

If you didn't win you can always use our awesome coupon code - tips20 - to save 20% on any order!

Jenn and Rachel

October - Good for you, Good for the planet

Good for you - Good for the planet

That's our October theme!

We have quite a few giveaways, tons of coupon codes, and a whole lot of information to share with all of you.

What we want to accomplish this month is:

To get to know where everyone stands on the environmental topic.

To try offer great and easy alternatives to products and services we may already be using.

To help each other

I have been completely "green-washed" as I have spoken about previously, but I want to share some of the knowledge I have obtained. Not in a creepy "you are killing your family" way, but in an honest and open discussion. I know many people are on an extremely tight budget and really can't think of affordable "green" options.

I want to help!

I want to everyone to help!

I am going to start my mornings by sharing what I am going to call my "Easy Pleasy"-a small easy change that I feel everyone could make in their life, to help the planet, your home and maybe mankind.

If you can't do the "Easy Pleasy", let me know, I want to know what works for real people.

I personally feel that we all make a difference, even if we can't tell what that difference is. Our children watch our actions, we are teaching them by example the kind of people we expect them to be.