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What I'm Not Loving

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Right Now -

Method's O Mop

Maybe half love/half not love, please let me explain.

I am officially irritated. I have been through three O-Mops. Unfortunately as great as the design is and as user friendly as the product is. I suppose its just not meant to be used as much as I use it. I mop my floors daily and this product has not been able to hold up its side of our arrangement.

Now I say I half love because Method's customer service has been amazing. They have replaced at no cost my first two O-Mops. This mop also cleans amazingly well, and the scents of the floor cleaning products are spectacular, specifically the almond wood floor cleaner. However, I will not be going back for a fourth.
Unless Method completely solves the problem of breaking plastic pieces I'm going to take my $30.00 that it would cost me to get another one, take $17.00 of it and buy a Swiffer Wet Jet, which I have never had a problem with, thank you very much.

My O-Mop in it's sad, extremely broken state. Please take notice how my loving husband has tried to fix it over and over again. He knows how much I really did love it.

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