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Moms, Dads and Apple Pie

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
My daughter at school today baked an apple pie. I was supposed to be the volunteer parent for the morning to help the kids make the pies, but I was nice and let another mom who is new to the school take my slot.

So my daughter comes home and has this delicious smelling, warm apple pie.

IT TASTES TERRIBLE! Like salty apples in a crust.

No lie, first thing in my head is "If I had been the volunteer mom, her pie would have been better"

Is that mean?

So as I am telling this story to my husband and asking him his opinion and he says to me "Yes, that's mean, if you were in charge you would have done it for her, the taste means that she definitely did it herself"

There is a vast difference in the way men and women view the world. Have you noticed?

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