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Menu Planning

Sunday, September 27, 2009
I know many of you including myself plan meals. It's a great way to save both time and money. If you are new to planning your menus there are so many resources available.

When I first started learning to cook a few years ago
I swore by Saving Dinner. They email you a week's menu and a grocery list, you go buy everything and prepare on the planned night. They charge you for the service. $29.95 a year, but it is absolutely worth it. On their website they also have freezer menus, something I have tried, but never quite "got". I think it was the remembering to thaw it out!

(If anyone has any interest in the freezer menu let me know, I still have them all. Even a Thanksgiving one!)

I still subscribe to one menu planning service. You've got Supper. I haven't ever tried their menu's but they look delicious. They have themes for the days. Like, family friendly Friday, and the bird is the word (chicken), etc. Their service is free.

My dinner planning right now includes looking at every recipe in a cookbook that I just bought. Easy everyday vegetarian. I don't know if anyone noticed my posted recipes don't include any meat.

We aren't full time vegetarians, we are just giving it a chance for a few weeks. I read a book about a pain condition that my husband has and it mentions several times cutting meat. So I did.

The truly funny thing is when he eats away from home he has been eating meat, so we may never find out if it helps or not!

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