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Menu Monday - Two days late!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Sorry all, Menu Monday was supposed to be on Monday (obviously), however; today is Wednesday and it still seems like a pretty good idea to share.

Here's what I'm eating all week:

MONDAY - I didn't eat at home, family was in town.

TUESDAY - I got to eat at Rachel's. It's great that she is learning to cook. It was delicious.

WEDNESDAY - Home-style Vegetable Chili (Now that I am writing this it doesn't sound so great. We are having a heat wave and I don't want to cook)

THURSDAY - Mediterranean Minestrone Casserole

FRIDAY - Homemade Mac and Cheese (This is very last minute, I just saw the recipe in Family Circle Magazine this morning)

Usually I am a great planner of meals, I have found that nothing saves time and money like a little bit of planning.
This week is a different story, must be the weather!

What are all of you eating this week?

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