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It's BORN! Ewww. But still kind of great.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So we went on the safari tour of the Wild Animal Park, Usual normal animal stuff until.......There is an Eland giving birth! Right there on the side of the road!

The problem is apparently there are time limits on these tours, so we can't just hang out there and wait the extra 15 minutes required to see this.

So we got back on the bus and sat for another 15 minutes of them talking about rhinos this and giraffe that, just so we can get back to the birth.

Birth Part Two - Even if it looks like our bus is being attacked by terrorists!

Part Three..The Climax. Sort of, It's out, that's all that matters. The guy sitting next to us had one of those fancy cameras and got this great wet, sloppy, post uterine baby blob. It was amazing and pretty much verified that it was born.

P.S. Please don't ever ask me to video anything...ever.

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