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Friday - Participation Time - Subject: Money

Friday, September 18, 2009
I want to open a discussion. I want to talk to all of my readers about money. No matter what your financial situation we all have a viewpoint and I want to hear about it. What products do you splurge on? What do you save on?

Here's mine;

I am crazy for "organic". I quote it because if it says "organic" on the label I will buy that product vs. whatever else there is. Everything from chicken to kitty litter. Talk about green washed! I am willing to pay what is sometimes 4 times the cost for something because of some clever wording.

I am a crazy bill picker. I look at every bill I get every month and call all utility companies including cell phones to make sure I am getting the very best deal they could give me. I also am a coupon clipper, assuming of course that the coupon is for something either organic or environmentally friendly (More on that little bit of neurosis later!)

So please tell me, what's your deal?

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