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First Birthday Planning

Friday, September 25, 2009
So it is 11:36 on a Friday night. I am home, baby sleeping, diapers washing, my little brother is here staying the night and we just made pudding and cleaned up an ant infestation. All on top of planning a first birthday party.

I can't believe my little girl will already be a year (next Sunday)! Like you have heard a million times before..where has the time gone?
What a change that is from what seems like just yesterday.
Our Friday nights used to consist of going to a concert, bar, or just hanging out with friends until I wanted to go home. Not until babies bed time. Being a young mother (23) has sure changed tons of stuff. But, while most people think I am crazy , "missing out on so much" and/or "should have waited until I was older" (to have a little one)
I think as I look at my daughter - or even just think about her "look what I would be missing out on if she wasn't here! I see the meaning of life when I look into her eyes. I feel sometimes that I missed her even before she was born." My husband and I are so blessed and thankful to have her. I'd rather make small changes to my daily routine and include her in the social scene then "have waited" to have her. I just get to have all of this joy at a younger age than the norm.
And think of this... when she is all grown up my husband and I will still be young enough to paint the town red. Well at least I will, he may need a assistance. Just kidding he's only 28!

Anyways, back to planning. 8 days to go. This has turned into a small wedding. We already had to move locations to accommodate the 77 people (and not everyone has RSVP'd). I am so last minute and still have to order the decorations. We are getting it catered, so I need to call them and place the final order....and I have to make 100 cupcakes, and her giant cup cake cake. So I have to get that stuff too. Okay, I don't have to but it will be super cute. The theme is cupcakes. And I can't wait for her birthday outfit. It is a tutu/onsie with purple and hot pink theme and embroidered pearls and broach. And I am going to get hot pink converse and put crystals of purple and white on the toe and a 1 on the back. So sassy classy. Now all she needs is hair so I could style it! Wish me luck! The countdown begins!


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