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Sunday, September 20, 2009
So, hello.
Nice to meet you, my name is Rachel. And I finally got the log in for this blog to work. Everything you have read so far has been posted by Jenn. Isn't she awesome?
Well right now it is 10:11 and my husband, neighbor and I are watching the Emmy's while my little darling sleeps soundly in her new jammies.
This Sunday evening was great, and I made the best dinner ever. Which is a great accomplishment, not that because it was great but because I never cook. I know, horrible. Bad, bad house wife. It's not entirely my fault. You see my husband is an awesome cook and loves doing it - and I love eating. So it works out well. But from now on I am going to start actually making dinner (well at least like twice a week haha). I will post this recipe because it is amazing. Comfort food that is so easy. It was ground beef stroganoff with lemon-garlic broccoli and I could eat it every day. A great recipe that Jen found and the first time I had it I ate 3 plates. When I find something I like I indulge. Thats what Stroller Strides is for.

Jen and I have big plans for this little blog. It may not be much right this second - but you check back in as little as a week and there will be some great stuff going on. We will be offering free stuff from some awesome vendors, (who doesn't love that), reviews - HONEST, BRUTAL reviews(so you don't have to do all the research), recipes of the week, themes each month, and what would this be without a window into our daily lives. Since we don't have cameras following us we will write it all down for you!

So....stay tuned, I can't wait for you to be a part of it all!


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