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An AWWARD!...this is so sudden.

Monday, September 28, 2009
Thank you SO much to Shirley! Visit her! Ok so now I have to tell my 15 blogs :

1 Life in the Faithlane
2 Confessions of a teenage librarian
3 f you penguin...it's sounds bad but it is hilarious!
4 nie nie. love her
5 pray for Keith Beasly
6 bakerella -love this -it will make you hungry!
7 Friday playdate - love this
8 secret-agent-josephine.com - love this
9 cake wrecks he he
10 notes from the trenches
11 bethany actually
12 woulda shoulda
13 a little pregnant
14 keeping up with the moffats! -duh!
15 rachels world (i'm plugging my own blog - so classy)

TA DA ! Enjoy!

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