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What kind of monster have I created?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
OK, so some last minute cleaning up before the family gets here. As previously mentioned they are going to stay in Bella's room. So after asking and telling her to go clean her room for the better part of an hour I decide "Fine I'll throw it all away!" So I proceed to get a laundry hamper so I can gather the items that she has refused to pick up and guess what?....NOTHING! Not a flinch. I am saying "OK, say good bye to this and this and this... and NOTHING! My kid could care less about this stuff. I am so angry both and myself and little bit at her. Is she so spoiled that she just thinks she'll get more? Does she have too much so maybe she's glad to see it go? Either way , I'm really upset. Makes me want to go in there and leave her nothing but a bed a bookshelf with her books and her chair. Maybe that's what I'll do...But after family leaves. Any suggestions?

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