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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Alright, a mid-year resolution. I promise to try not to judge parents parenting. It's sometimes so difficult to look at people and their parenting styles and the choices they make and not think "What is wrong with you?". We as women and mothers are constantly judging. We make snap judgements based on things as simple as the cuteness of ones child. So therefore if "I" feel you are doing the best you can, I will keep it to myself. However, if you are not, in my opinion doing
"your possible best" prepare to never hear the end of it! Is that so wrong? It's a good starting point I think. I watched an episode of Oprah not to long ago about the judgements of mothers vs. mothers. How we are all doing the best we can and so we should lay off and start helping each other, but I have a family member that is an honest to god, all-around bad parent, and it's really difficult for me to keep it to myself and not to bad mouth her and talk about the situation, but I am pretty resolved to say "Great, I'll recommend the therapist when your kid become a sociopath!" There! I feel better.

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