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Husband Parenting 101

Monday, June 22, 2009
First and foremost, DON"T DO IT! However, sometime the men in our lives seem to desperately need someone to tell them what to do. Dave got several video games for Fathers Day yesterday. I am not a great fan of them but he doesn't get to play his extremely overpriced toy that often , so alright. However it is 8:51 am on Monday. He didn't sleep and he is still sitting on the couch playing it. I'm pretty sure it's the most irritating thing I've woken up to ever! How are you supposed to function on no sleep after looking at a TV for almost 24 hours? I guess, to talk myself through this, that he is self employed, so his schedule is his own. Hw can come, go and get paid on his own time. But Uggggggh.

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