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Zoo Trip

Sunday, June 28, 2009

OK, first off, this goat was insane! Staring off into goat space! The little boy was putting blades of hay in between all of the goats teeth and he didn't even move. HILARIOUS!

Kids being kids. Dylan and Bella as bugs.

More bugs...

The zoo is such a great place. The animals are awesome you can learn so many new things, ans best of all, you get some exercise walking up and down the HUGE hills that are the San Diego Zoo

Three years old.

I thought this week was going to be scary, and there I was all nervous about this...

Three year olds are awesome. Dylan and Bella are only two months apart and I think that makes all the difference in the world.

What kind of monster have I created?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
OK, so some last minute cleaning up before the family gets here. As previously mentioned they are going to stay in Bella's room. So after asking and telling her to go clean her room for the better part of an hour I decide "Fine I'll throw it all away!" So I proceed to get a laundry hamper so I can gather the items that she has refused to pick up and guess what?....NOTHING! Not a flinch. I am saying "OK, say good bye to this and this and this... and NOTHING! My kid could care less about this stuff. I am so angry both and myself and little bit at her. Is she so spoiled that she just thinks she'll get more? Does she have too much so maybe she's glad to see it go? Either way , I'm really upset. Makes me want to go in there and leave her nothing but a bed a bookshelf with her books and her chair. Maybe that's what I'll do...But after family leaves. Any suggestions?


Monday, June 22, 2009
So I've known my sister is coming for quite sometime. Even though I am more prepared than most I have decided to wait until the last minute to get everything set up for them. Right now is the time that I wish my guest room was ready for guests instead of the best place to hold all of my crap. So I set up the air mattress in Bella's room and I realize...I have no bedding. None, not even an extra pillow. So now I feel like I have to go shopping to buy pillows and bedding for a queen size air mattress that will likely never get used again! Awesome! So meanwhile while I am setting all of this up I come to the realization that this is Bella's room. Where she goes to play. Where she and her cousin will go to play when they get here. Did I make a huge error in judgement? Should I put them on the living room floor with the air mattress? Does that feel weird? Like they can't escape from us? Am I making to much of this? I wish I had my guest room, but instead I have a chaotic mess where a guest room should be. If this isn't some incentive to get my shit together I don't know what is. Not to mention my step dad is coming in two weeks and this will be the first time he's even seen the house! Ugggh.

Husband Parenting 101

First and foremost, DON"T DO IT! However, sometime the men in our lives seem to desperately need someone to tell them what to do. Dave got several video games for Fathers Day yesterday. I am not a great fan of them but he doesn't get to play his extremely overpriced toy that often , so alright. However it is 8:51 am on Monday. He didn't sleep and he is still sitting on the couch playing it. I'm pretty sure it's the most irritating thing I've woken up to ever! How are you supposed to function on no sleep after looking at a TV for almost 24 hours? I guess, to talk myself through this, that he is self employed, so his schedule is his own. Hw can come, go and get paid on his own time. But Uggggggh.

Pre Fathers Day

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Alright I am making homemade butterscotch pudding and fried chicken for dinner. Dave saw the recipe on Emeril and he was going to cook it but I figured i would surprise him by making it for when he gets home. What a nice girl I am! On another note I get to put my new resolution into practice. My sister in law (aka: The worst parent in the world!) is coming over with Dave's brother for Fathers Day dinner. Dave was telling me how uncomfortable it's going to be. Not acknowledging anything , and not saying anything. I told him that I am over judging, her choices are not my choices therefore my choices are not her choices. it takes all types and they are making their own decisions for the child. If and when they ask for our help we will be there, in the meantime, whatever! How zen, huh? Let's see how we do.
p.s. We are making his love jar still. Its just a cork top glass jar that we have filled with card stock that says something nice about him. Compliments, sweet nothings, etc. I hope he loves it, since technically I bought myself a Louis Vuitton for his fathers day present. Oops.


I did it! Didn't say a word, not a single word! Dave only let one slip about taking the kid to daycare! Hooray for me, it was only a little bit difficult.


Thursday, June 18, 2009
Alright, a mid-year resolution. I promise to try not to judge parents parenting. It's sometimes so difficult to look at people and their parenting styles and the choices they make and not think "What is wrong with you?". We as women and mothers are constantly judging. We make snap judgements based on things as simple as the cuteness of ones child. So therefore if "I" feel you are doing the best you can, I will keep it to myself. However, if you are not, in my opinion doing
"your possible best" prepare to never hear the end of it! Is that so wrong? It's a good starting point I think. I watched an episode of Oprah not to long ago about the judgements of mothers vs. mothers. How we are all doing the best we can and so we should lay off and start helping each other, but I have a family member that is an honest to god, all-around bad parent, and it's really difficult for me to keep it to myself and not to bad mouth her and talk about the situation, but I am pretty resolved to say "Great, I'll recommend the therapist when your kid become a sociopath!" There! I feel better.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Alright, am I the only person that really misses the days when people called before coming over? I know Bella is only three but is it really too much to ask for? Now maybe I'm being oversensitive because the little girl that comes over has the most irritating laugh EVER, but I'm not always company ready. I'm cranky and her parents are not the most involved people so if she had her way we would be going by her rule of "I have to be home by 11:00 when I go to sleep" Nice, huh? But on a positive note I am doing a great job of not letting Bella watch TV today. I think we'll start a tradition. No TV Tuesday!
p.s. I made a Card with the house number on it that says: Bella XXX-XXXX, Please call before coming over! Is that weird?

The first day of summer.

Monday, June 15, 2009
I feel like such a great mom today.
We went to the library for Bella's first "pick my own books" trip.
This is what she chose:
  • Things that sometimes happen by Avi
  • The Butterfly by Anna Milbourne and Cathy Shimmen
  • The English Roses by Madonna
  • Whittington by Alan Armstrong
  • Annie and Snowball and the Prettiest House by Cynthia Rylant
  • Touch! Touch! by Riki Levinson
She also joined the summer reading program so she can earn prizes for reading. I joined the same program buy for adults, I can earn a coffee mug!

We are now eating lunch and then she has gymnastics. What a great first day of summer vacation.

p.s. I went a little crazy at the library myself getting three different, and possibly opposing, parenting books.
  • ScreamFree Parenting
  • I was a really good mom before I had kids
  • Parenting at its best
I also got a book about Maria Montessori but that's neither here nor there.